MoraySealSir Robert Moray Symposium
A Man of Relevance

Charles Iain Robert Wolridge Gordon
cordially invites you to attend

Sir Robert Moray: A Man of Relevance
A symposium in Edinburgh hosted by
Lodge Sir Robert Moray No. 1641

The Lodge of Edinburgh
(Mary's Chapel) No. 1
19 Hill Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
Saturday 30th September 2023
9.00 AM

Robert Moray was the first speculative freemason to be initiated on English soil in 1641 before speculative freemasonry existed in England. He was a remarkable man of military background who developed Royal and Masonic connections. He was a founder member of the Royal Society, publishing many scientific papers. He influenced developments in the turbulent Europe of the 17th century, when a state of war was commonplace and alchemy was giving way to science.

09.00 - Doors open for Registration
10.00 - Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esselmont, Master
: Introduction
10.10 - Andrew Hammer: Robert Moray – a Man of Relevance
10.55 - Ewan Rutherford
: Early life, Military career, Initiation into Freemasonry
11.40 - Ian Robertson: Esotericism: Alchemy, Rosicrucianism and Science

12.30- Lunch

13.45 - Charles Winston: Politics, Natural Philosophy and the Royal Society
14.35 - Tea/Coffee Break
14.50 - Adam Bruce: Robert Moray’s relevance through time
15.30 - Panel questions
16.10 - Closing

17:00 -
Dinner (separate booking required)

A number of key historical artefacts will be available to view, many of these have never been seen before in public. They include The Schaw Statutes, the Minute book from the Lodge of Edinburgh, recording Moray’s initiation into freemasonry, and letters from Robert Moray to Alexander Bruce, 2nd Earl of Kincardine, from the Kincardine Papers.


Tickets are available from: Bro. Graham Wilkinson, Secretary
e-mail: sirrobertmoraysec(at)